Want more control when choosing your next parking space? Pick between our lineup of side and rear entry wheelchair vans. Prefer a ramp entrance or require a wheelchair lift to enter your vehicle? We have ramps for wheelchair users that can carry more than 1,000-lbs., and large vehicles that support wheelchair lifts. Want to travel the countryside, but concerned with your environmental impact? Committed to innovating the mobility industry, we offer PHEV’s to ensure our customers have options when they go green.

These choices, and more, are just some of the ways we help make transport for wheelchair users a reliable, flexible, and freeing experience. Choose from Chrysler, Toyota, Dodge, and Ram mobility vans below.

Chrysler Pacifica | Advantage RE

The Pacifica Advantage RE provides wheelchair access from any parking spot, and the 1,000-pound capacity manual ramp deploys with ease. Second and third-row seating options provide maximum passenger and wheelchair flexibility.


Dodge Grand Caravan | Advantage SE

Available with a 10- or 14” lowered floor, the Advantage SE comes standard with the widest ramp and door opening in the industry, as well as an easy access ramp and kneeling controls.


Dodge Grand Caravan | Advantage RE

Wheelchair accessibility without compromising OE styling and function. The Advantage RE is fully ADA compliant, and comes with a 1,000-pound capacity bi-fold manual ramp. A power ramp option is also available.


Chrysler Pacifica | PHEV

With an EPA estimated 84 MPGe, the Chrysler Pacifica PHEV offers an economical, green alternative for consumers and operators alike. This plug-in hybrid electric vehicle accommodates one wheelchair, and offers 2nd row seating flexibility with fixed or fold-away options.


Toyota Sienna | Advantage RE

With the industry’s widest rear access opening, the Sienna Advantage RE includes several options for rear passenger seating. Accommodating up to 6 passengers or 4 passengers with a wheelchair, there’s always a spot in the lot with the Advantage RE!


Ram ProMaster | Advantage 1500

The Advantage 1500 offers a rear kneeling suspension, a reinforced L Track flooring system for seating and wheelchair securement, and enhanced interior trim and LED lighting options. Passengers will also find a 1,000-pound ADA-compliant ramp that’s available up to 42” wide.


Ram ProMaster | Advantage 2500

The Advantage 2500 offers users more interior room and flexibility. In addition to a 1,000-pound ADA-compliant ramp that’s available up to 42” wide, the 2500 is available with our exclusive kneeling rear suspension, L track flooring system, and optional rear- or side-mounted wheelchair lift.



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Revability has established a DBE PROGRAM in accordance with regulations of the U.S.D.O.T. 49 CFR PART 26. Revability proposes a goal of .12% DBE participation in D.O.T. assisted contracts for FY2018.

As a vehicle manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vans, Revability is actively seeking vendors who qualify as DBE’s and WBE’s to supply parts and services. We are expanding business opportunities to those who qualify to provide quality goods and services at fair market prices.